Which Type of Patio Door is Best for Your Home?

The right patio door can change up the facade of your entire house and even increase its value. There are many types of doors to choose from, however, and this can make it a bit overwhelming for those looking for an upgrade. Read on to see the type of patio door that is best for your home, so you can have an easier time deciding.

Sliding Doors

If you have been searching for ‘patio doors Santa Monica‘, this is one type of patio door design you may have come across. These doors are affordable, easy to use, and very customizable, making them a great option. They will also leave more usable space for you while letting in large amounts of natural light. Since they come in different materials including vinyl, fiberglass, and wood, you can get the exact look you want to match your patio.

Hinged or French Patio Doors

These doors have elegant lines, and consist of one or more panels usually made of glass. They are hinged on one side and open by swinging inwards or outwards. Depending on what you want, you can get one operable door, two operable doors, or a combination of one operable and one fixed door. You can also customize the grille pattern and make sure to go for an energy-efficient brand. Your heating bills can be inflated by up to 10% by air leaks around your doors and windows according to the U.S. Department of Energy. This is reason enough to make energy efficiency your priority.

Folding Doors

This is another type of patio door you may have seen while searching for ‘patio doors Santa Monica’. They consist of many panels connected to each other and open by sliding and folding together like an accordion. There are different specifics for folding doors, such as the type of finish. You can choose how many doors you want to open at any time, thus controlling how much light and air you let in.

There are different types of doors to choose from depending on your design choice and budget. Just make sure that you settle for a good brand of patio doors Santa Monica, so you can upgrade your space, improve your home’s security, and get durable quality.

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