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Win-Dor Window Systems​

Strong, Tested and Reliable

Quality Window & Door Systems

For over a quarter-century Win-Dor has served local Southern California with their product offerings ranging from standard-sized windows and doors to custom made products measured and built to exact specifications.
Win-Dor Window Systems​

Grid Options

No Grids
Standard Top Only
Perimeter Marginal

Glass Options

Obscure P516
Glue Chip
Delta Frost
Horizontal Reed
Vertical Reed

Win-Dor Window Systems​ Operation Styles

Win-Dor Window Systems​

Sliding Windows

Win-Dor’s 1550 horizontal sliding window provides contemporary style, while maximizing air circulation. Our sliding windows glide quiet and effortlessly thanks to the use of the high quality quiet sash rollers. Win-Dor’s locking system and  welded vinyl frame with internal aluminum reinforcement provide extra protection and safety.

Single Hung Windows

Win-Dor’s 1550 Single-Hung window offers a high quality vinyl window, with an aluminum reinforced frame for added strength. The single hung window has a clean classic style with a fixed top sash, and a bottom sash that slides up to allow fresh air in.

Win-Dor Window Systems​
Win-Dor Window Systems​

Picture Windows

Win-Dor’s 1550 picture windows are a perfect addition to a room to enjoy a view or allow light in. They can be used alone, or combined with a wide range of our windows systems including single hung, horizontal sliders or casements to offer a complete solution.

Casement Windows

Win-Dor’s casement windows offer clean lines and a large viewing area while capitalizing on a large opening for ventilation. High grade, quality hardware and crank out operability allows for ease of use. WinDor’s casement windows add more natural light by eliminating view obstruction. Contact us for your free estimate.

Win-Dor Window Systems​

Exterior Folding Windows

Win-Dor windows use the same proven platform to make their hybrid folding windows as they do for their hybrid folding doors. And unlike other manufacturers who solely use aluminum, vinyl or wood when manufacturing their folding window systems, Win-Dor combines both vinyl and aluminum to offer their customers something truly unique.