4 Tips for Keeping Your New Windows Clean

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According to Forbes, homeowners can get up to $465 in annual savings on energy costs when installing replacement windows in Brentwood and other great communities. New windows give you a great ROI, but you won’t get as much back on your investment if you don’t take care of them. Here are four tips to help you keep your windows clean and clear for as long as possible.

1. Clean Your Windows Monthly

Frequency matters when it comes to window cleaning, and you should clean yours once a month. A monthly cleaning removes any buildup that might accumulate on the outside, such as bird droppings or minerals left over from a hard rain. Particles can also get stuck in the window track, increasing the risk of closure issues later on. Whatever the obstruction might be, a monthly cleaning gets rid of it and helps make it easier to keep your windows in excellent shape.

2. Mix Hot Water With a Dab of Dish Soap

You don’t have to spend a lot on cleaning supplies for your replacement windows in Brentwood. You just need a bucket, hot water, and a few drops of dish detergent. An empty spray bottle can help you apply the mixture on your windows, which does a great job of loosening and cleaning any substances that might find their way onto your glass.

3. Use a Squeegee to Remove Cleaning Solutions

You don’t want to use a towel or rag to clean the windows when they’re wet. The best tool for wiping away cleaning solutions is a squeegee. Draw the squeegee down from the top of the window to the bottom. Two or three passes should work on most windows and leave the glass clean and dry. You can clean a lot of windows quickly and easily.

4. Keep a Clean Cloth for Streaks

A squeegee might leave minor water spots on your new replacement windows. A clean, lint-free cloth works best for touching up the windows by removing any minor streaks that might be left over. You can also use a clean rag to wipe up any cleaning liquid the squeegee might have left on the window sill to protect the wood.

When you need quality replacement windows in Brentwood, look no further than Discount Window and Door. Contact us today for more information about our products!

How Your Front Door Impacts Curb Appeal

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When it comes to making good impressions, your front door has a crucial role to play. This is likely why, according to the Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance, the demand for new entry doors increased by 8% from 2020 to 2021. The simple fact is that first impressions go a long way, and one of the first things visitors will see is your front door. If your door looks cheap, poorly maintained, tacky, or otherwise subpar, it could lead to bad impressions, which in turn can lower your home’s curb appeal. On the other hand, if you have top-notch exterior doors, you might bolster not just your property’s value but also your personal reputation.

Why You Need the Best Exterior Doors

Various studies have found that people form impressions very quickly. In fact, it can only take a matter of seconds for a first impression to develop. This means the clock is ticking and anyone looking to drum up good vibes needs to act quickly.

There are a lot of ways to make good initial impressions. A well-kept lawn, fresh exterior paint, and beautiful windows can all go a long way. In addition to taking care of these things, make sure you don’t overlook your exterior doors. Often, your front door is the first thing someone will interact with when visiting your home, which could result in especially strong impressions.

So how can you make sure your door is up to par? First, make sure you work with the best door and window suppliers. Pay close attention to the material, design, fit, and more. Don’t forget the hardware either. Then consider if you can use paint to make your door really pop.

Why Security Is Crucial as Well

If someone is looking to buy a home or commercial property, there’s a good chance that security will be on their list of concerns. A high-quality exterior door can make it more difficult for would-be criminals to break in. This is especially true if those doors are coupled with the best exterior windows. Parties looking to purchase a property may be willing to shell out extra for higher security.

If you need help with selecting exterior doors, feel free to reach out to Discount Window and Door today. We’d be happy to consider your situation and property. Then we can assist you in selecting the best doors for your needs.

4 Top Window Trends for 2024

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Looking to get some new windows? We’ll cover some crucial trends below. If you’re looking for replacement windows in Santa Monica and need more advice, however, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help.

1. The Bigger, the Better

If you take a gander at older homes, you’ll often find they have small windows, and they’re few and far between. Nowadays, many people feel that the bigger, the better. Bay windows, which are generally quite large, have become especially popular. Keep in mind that the right windows could boost your property’s value should you decide to sell.

2. Sustainability Is a Focus

The right windows can go a long way toward safeguarding the environment. Some windows are crafted out of sustainable and recycled materials, for example. Relying more on natural light can reduce the need for artificial lighting, which lowers energy consumption and in turn can prevent the release of greenhouse gases and other negative externalities created by producing energy.

3. Utility Bills Take Center Stage

Prices have been on the rise across the world. The right windows can help folks save on heating, cooling, and lighting. Not only might this protect the environment, but it can also shield your wallet. Utility prices may continue to increase in the future, so selecting the right windows now might pay off even more in the long run.

If you’d like to protect your wallet, consider replacing your windows. Replacing regular windows with ones that meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star program could lower energy bills by between 7% to 15%, according to the official Energy Star website. You can get started by searching for replacement windows in Santa Monica.

4. Privacy Is Ever More Important

These days, pretty much everyone has a camera in their pocket (on their phone). On top of that, neighbors might be snooping around outside. Many people now are rightly worried about privacy. Some windows offer improved privacy. The same goes for films that can be placed on windows. The right curtains and shades can also go a long way towards providing peace of mind and increased security.

If you keep all the above in mind, you’ll be able to select great windows. Need to find replacement windows in Santa Monica? Contact Discount Window and Door at your earliest convenience, and we’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect windows for your needs.

3 Interior Door Types to Consider for Your Closet


If your closet doors are difficult to open and close or have a drab appearance, it can severely detract from your enjoyment of your home. Have you decided it’s time to update your closet doors? If so, you may not know exactly where to begin on your search. With so many different types of interior doors to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the most popular closet door types our customers choose. Consider one of these door styles for your closet upgrade.

1. Frameless Bypass Doors

According to PennState, windows can account for 15% of a room’s wall space, which means you may be looking for options to save space in your bedroom. Frameless bypass doors, which are laid out so that one door slides in front of the other, are a great way to achieve this goal. When you opt for a reflective surface like aluminum or steel, you can enjoy the sleek, seamless appearance of a mirrored wall. You’ll have no difficulty getting the perfect view of your outfit for the day.

2. Frameless Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors open up at the center and fold out in a style similar to an accordion, making them another excellent option for saving space. At Discount Window and Door, our bi-fold closet doors are made with a pivot and glide design for maximum efficiency. These doors are aesthetically pleasing and feel luxurious.

3. Swing Doors

A swing closet door design features two doors that open on hinges on opposite ends of the closet. These doors are easy to operate and can be made with locks if you need to store sensitive items in your closet. Available in a wide variety of materials, you should have no trouble finding the ideal option to match the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

Whether you know exactly what type of interior doors you want for your closet or need some help choosing the best option for your needs, Discount Window and Door will be happy to help. With products from top brands like Solar Industries and Contractors Wardrobe, you can rest assured that we have the perfect door style for your home. Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more. We look forward to assisting you!

What Are Double-Pane Windows?

When it comes to energy-efficient home upgrades, replacing your windows is one of the best updates you can make. In fact, according to Kravelv, installing new windows designed for energy efficiency can help you recoup as much as 73% of the project cost in added home value, so this is definitely an investment worth making. If you’re looking for replacement windows for sale in Beverly Hills, double-pane windows are an excellent choice. These windows, also known as double-glazed windows, have two panes of glass per frame. Here’s what you should know about double-paned windows and how they can benefit you as a homeowner.


In between the two panes of a double-pane window, there is a pocket of air or gas like argon, xenon, or krypton. This air or gas serves to improve the insulation offered by the window. Hot and cold air will have difficulty passing through the window, making it easier to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year long. This can enable you to save a considerable amount of money on your monthly energy bills.

Condensation Prevention

Condensation easily accumulates on a standard single-pane window when the air outside your window is much colder than the air inside your home. A double-pane window, on the other hand, is more resistant to condensation. If you’ve noticed a lot of condensation on your single-pane windows, this indicates that it’s time to make an upgrade.

Noise Reduction

No homeowner wants to spend all day and night plagued by the sounds of passing traffic and noisy neighbors. Fortunately, double-pane windows can help you avoid this annoyance. Because these windows have an extra layer, it’s harder for sound to travel through them, meaning you can enjoy more peace and quiet after you install them.

Are you ready to improve your home’s energy efficiency and property value with new double-pane windows? If so, look no further than Discount Window and Door! We have a large selection of replacement windows for sale in Beverly Hills, and we’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect windows for your needs while keeping your home’s aesthetic and your personal stylistic preferences in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our top-quality products. We look forward to assisting you!

Here’s What to Look for When Shopping for Patio Doors

Patio doors are your gateway to the outdoors. They can help let in more natural light and ensure your family can easily blur the lines between inside and outside. However, there are a few things to remember when shopping for patio doors for sale in Brentwood. This article will review everything you need to look for to ensure your patio doors are exactly what you require.

Exterior Doors

Many companies sell interior and exterior doors. It’s great to go to one company for everything you need. Still, it can be easy to accidentally purchase an interior door instead of the exterior patio door you need. Interior doors are typically thinner than exterior doors, with the standard thickness being 1 3/8 inches, according to This Old House. Work with a professional sales representative to ensure you have the perfect door.

Quality Material

Various materials offer different benefits. Aluminum patio doors offer lovely protection against the exterior elements. Wood doors are known for their insulation properties. However, sliding glass patio doors for sale in Brentwood offer more natural light and modern appeal. Carefully consider your current decorating style and the benefits you want when selecting patio doors.

Energy Efficiency

Modern patio doors are designed to be more energy-efficient than older ones. Double- and triple-pane glass doors are often available to help keep your home comfortable. Glass doors provide the additional benefit of solar heating during colder months. However, other materials also offer insulating properties. Carefully research the materials available to determine the most efficient option.

Warranty Offered

Many suppliers honor the manufacturer’s warranty on the products they sell. However, this warranty will differ depending on the product and the patio door brand. Ask a sales representative how extended the warranty is for each product to help you determine which would be a better investment. Some products may cost more initially, but they may come with a lifetime warranty that can help you save money in the future.

We understand finding the perfect patio doors for sale in Brentwood can be challenging. The industry constantly evolves, and new products are always available in the showroom. Our professional representatives will work with you to help you find the right patio doors with the features you want. Contact Discount Windows and Door today to learn more about the brands we offer.

4 Qualities to Look For in a Window and Door Company

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2024 has arrived, so it’s time to get going on those home renovations that are long overdue. Many types of replacement windows and doors can add to your security, energy efficiency, and overall home beauty. Here are the qualities to look for in a window and door company.

1. Expertise

When deciding on the best types of replacement windows and doors, you may need some help. That’s why you need the right local professionals with strong expertise and customer service skills. For example, did you know that, according to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, about 30% of your home energy is lost to your windows? Your window team should advise on energy efficiency and show a range of ideal windows that help resolve this issue.

2. Reputation

Ask a window and door company for direct references from past clients. If they’ve provided quality products, they shouldn’t hesitate to put you in touch with previous customers. You can also check online reviews on TrustPilot, Angi, and Google Reviews. That way, you can get further feedback from clients who can reveal the pros and cons of the products and services.

3. Fair Pricing

No window or door contractor will offer the same prices. Get about three quotes from different vendors and see which one offers you the best pricing in comparison to their quality of work. Keep in mind that, when a window and door company offers the highest quality of products, they may charge a little more money. The cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best. You can get a written estimate and ask about the quality of materials a company uses for more oversight into the pricing. Gathering quotes helps you see what the average pricing is to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

4. Reliability

Any company providing products or services for your home should be reliable. Your windows and doors shouldn’t lead to problems in the future, especially when it comes to security and weathering issues. Choosing a company known for reliability will help ensure you get products that will stay in good shape for the long term.

As you consider the types of replacement windows and doors to consider for your home, there are many qualities that you should look for in the contractors that will supply these features. They should be reliable, have transparent pricing, and give you the expertise you need. If you’re looking for professionals who can offer all these things and more, contact Discount Window and Door today for a consultation.

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Patio Doors

There’s nothing like going outside and enjoying time on your patio or deck. Sometimes, you simply want to catch a breeze or enjoy the sunlight shining through those patio doors. Quality patio doors can add to any home, however, they can become worn down like any other feature. Here are signs you should start looking for a new patio door.

1. Efficiency

According to the U. S. Department of Energy, Americans can pay as much as 10% more on energy bills due to air leaks from windows and doors. If your electrical bills have been rising lately, your patio doors may be the culprit, especially if they’re not sealed properly. Be mindful of how your home feels when the doors are supposed to be closed. Stand next to a closed patio door and see if you feel any drafts coming through.

2. Style

Maybe your existing patio doors no longer match the style of your home. If you’ve been doing some home renovations, you shouldn’t hesitate to upgrade to a new patio door along with that. There are so many different styles to consider, whether it’s a sliding, folding, or accordion style. When it’s time for a new patio door, be mindful of size, material, and weather resistance.

3. Misalignment

Has your patio door become harder to open and close? You may have a misalignment issue on your hands. If your patio door is on a slider mechanism, the roller may have become misaligned. When you can’t completely shut or open your door, it can lead to air leaks and become a security issue.

4. Value

Certain things are a must in any home. Regardless of the extra features you may have, a quality home needs solid windows and doors. After all, these are the openings to the outside world. They also add to your home style and security. When appraisers and potential home buyers look at your home, rest assured they notice all your doors, whether they’re internal or external. When you upgrade to a new patio door of the latest style, thermal capabilities, and additional security, you can increase your home value and enjoy more equity.

If your patio doors have long been an eyesore, increasing electrical bills, and simply no longer fit your home design, it’s time to change that. Luckily, our company has been around for years and has a vast portfolio of door and window designs. Contact Discount Window and Door today to find the ones perfect for your home.

3 Reasons to Choose Milgard Windows For Your Next Home Upgrade

You’ve decided it’s finally time to upgrade the windows in your home, but with so many options to consider, where do you start? When it comes to windows, you can’t go wrong with the Milgard brand. As you begin your search, here are three reasons Milgard should top your list for durability, style, and comfort.

1. Superior Craftsmanship

As one of the biggest window manufacturers in the western United States, Milgard has spent over 50 years perfecting its craftsmanship. Every Milgard window undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets quality standards for water tightness, air tightness, structural integrity, and forced entry resistance. The brand is so confident that when properly installed, their windows won’t leak, fade, warp, crack, or bend. You’ll have peace of mind knowing Milgard stands behind its products with extensive warranties should any defects occur.

2. Energy Efficiency Savings

Replacing your outdated windows with energy-efficient Milgard windows, like triple pane glass and low-E coatings, can make a real difference in your monthly energy bills. Their windows have some of the best ratings, meaning heat stays out of your home in the summer and during colder winter temperatures. A recent study found that 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use was needed due to heat gain or heat loss through windows. High energy performance scores also translate to saving you substantial money over the lifespan of new Milgard windows.

3. Customized Style

One of the top advantages of choosing Milgard is getting windows made to suit your home perfectly. Milgard offers a myriad of styles, from traditional to modern. Customize the frames, glass type, hardware, and grid options to match your tastes. With over 40 vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum frame finishes, you’ll discover an exterior color to beautifully accent your home’s exterior. Whether renovating one room or your entire house, Milgard gives you design flexibility to create your ideal aesthetic. Their variety means you can tailor windows differently for spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms.

As you shop for your next window replacement project, turn to Milgard windows for durable and stylish options personalized to your home. Soon you’ll be enjoying improved temperature control, noise reduction, exterior curb appeal, and indoor light flow thanks to exceptional Milgard windows. Reach out to Discount Window and Door today and let us give you an estimate to replace your old windows with brand-new ones.

4 Ways to Bring Value to Your House

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Whether you’re a homeowner renovating for a better living experience or a landlord looking to rent out your property, making guests and potential buyers infatuated with your home is at the top of your priority list. Bringing value to a house comes in many different shapes and sizes. Let’s look at four ways to add value to your house through windows and doors.

Add New Windows

Replacing old windows should be at the top of your to-do list. New windows will not only be appealing to the eye but practical as well. Incorporating new windows in your renovation will save you money on energy bills and bring in more natural lighting. There are hundreds of window types to choose from. When looking for windows that will bring value to your house, look for tested and certified energy-efficient windows.

Replace Old Doors

Doors are an underutilized variable when bringing value to a house. Give your interior, exterior, multi-slide, and folding doors a modern look to fit your house. Patio doors in Santa Monica are an especially great way to bring your house to life, detailing the beautiful landscapes and environment of the area.

Update Your Patio

One of the most important ways to bring value to your house is an up-to-date patio. In fact, according to Statista, patios and porches were the most popular outdoor features added to new single-family homes in the U.S. in 2021. Of course, quality patios need quality patio doors. Patio doors in Santa Monica and nearby areas are constantly exposed to the elements, so yours have likely seen damage over the years. If they’re looking old and outdated, it’s time to replace them. Bringing your outside in with new patio sliding doors or a moving glass wall will give your home the luxurious feel you’ve always been looking for. A seamless transition between your house and patio is one of the best ways to bring value to your house.

Install a Skylight

When bringing value to your house, a skylight may not be the first thing you think about. However, adding a skylight will bring natural light to your house as well as add a ‘fresh air’ feel. Not only are skylights appealing to the eye, but they are highly functional as well. A kitchen skylight will drive any smoke, steam, or odors from your house directly outside.

Have questions about patio doors in Santa Monica or replacement windows in Beverly Hills? Discount Window and Door will be happy to assist you with all your window and door needs in the Los Angeles area. Contact us today for a free estimate!