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residential windows

How the Weather Can Affect Your Windows

Quality windows can last a long time with proper care. According to This Old House, you can expect most windows to last between 15 and 30
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exterior doors

What to Look For in Interior vs. Exterior Doors

Whether you’re shopping for interior or exterior doors, it’s smart to slow down and make sure you make the right choice. Not all doors are created
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3 Potential Patio Door Upgrades to Make This Summer

During the final days of summer, you no doubt want to enjoy any outdoor spaces on your property to the fullest. A patio is one of
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new patio door

3 Ways Energy-Efficient Patio Doors Benefit the Earth, Your Home, and Your Wallet

If your patio door is older or has seen better days, it may be time to think about replacing it. A new patio door that is
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sliding glass doors

4 Reasons to Opt for Sliding Doors Over Folding Doors

When building or upgrading a home, you have multiple different door options to consider. As you install doors, you must consider the aesthetics, functionality, and energy
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patio doors beverly hills

3 Reasons to Update Your Backyard Patio Doors

Looking for a way to upgrade your outdoor living space and increase your home value? Consider a backyard patio door update. Upgrading or updating home components
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Solar Energy – Energy released by the sun from 3 distinct regions of the solar light spectrum

Fading Transmission

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)

U-Value or U-Factor


A bedroom without an exterior door will require an EGRESS complaint window *All 4 criteria are required to pass EGRESS


20” minimum width.
(net clear opening)


24” minimum height.
(net clear opening)


Minimum Total 5.7 sqft. vent space. (net clear opening)


Maximum 44” sill height off finish floor.

General Window Anatomy