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LaCantina Multi-slide Doors-A NEW CLASS OF MULTI SLIDE



LaCantina Multi-slide Doors are a new class of multi slide door by combining the preferred features of performance, strength and symmetry of a high end lift & slide door system and the functionality and value of a multi slide.

Our modern panel design, engineered to the demands of a folding system, adapt perfectly to a more robust and unmatched sliding door. With the same clean minimal designs as our folding systems, our matching narrow stiles and low profile rails that incorporate our custom high performance roller assembly mean symmetry and style are never compromised. Contact us for your free estimate.


A New Class of Multi Slide

Our mission is to create high-performance, high-value products that deliver brilliant design, beauty and efficiency to our customers while always seeking ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Welcome beauty and light with exterior glass doors


Flush Stacking Panels

LaCantina Doors multi slide panels stack flush with minimal sight lines preventing any obstruction or interference, aligning perfectly when both open and closed for a uniform aesthetic profile you will love.


Pocketing & Non Pocketing Systems

With both pocketing and non-pocketing applications, our multi slide panels can stack flush against one another or slide into the wall completely out of view.


Performance Glass

LaCantina features Cardinal Glass, the world’s leading glass manufacturer with the ability to match any door and window package and meet any energy code requirement. Our wide range of glass options provide you with the highest level of comfort and savings year-round fit for any weather.


Thermally Controlled

For maximum protection against cold and hot climates, our thermal breaks offer lower u-factors, limits condensation, increases energy performance and reduces thermal conductivity.