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LaCantina Door Open Spaces

More Then A View, It’s A Lifestyle

The LaCantina folding door system is what we are renowned to have perfected. As a pioneer in folding door systems LaCantina sets the standard for style, function and performance. Using the highest quality rolling hardware and robust panel and frame designs, our systems provide smooth and effortless operation unmatched by other large opening door systems. With the ability to span any size opening, multiple configurations and options to meet the demands of any project, a LaCantina Folding Doors are the perfect choice. Contact us for your free estimate.

LaCantina Folding Doors-Live The LaCantina Life

The LaCantina mission is to create high-performance, high-value products that deliver brilliant design, beauty and efficiency to our customers while always seeking ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Standard Systems Or Made To Measure

LaCantina offers bifold door systems to custom fit any opening both commercial and residential for flexibility of design. We also offer standard sizes for added cost savings and shorter lead times.

Top Hung For Effortless Control

With the weight of the doors above, LaCantina Bifold Doors prevent alignment issues allowing ease of operation with effortless fingertip control. Top hung systems strategically avoid bottom rollers that collect dirt and damage wheels resulting in shorter door system lifespans.

Panels Without Excess Mullions

For a clean aesthetic style our folding door panels can be 39″ wide and 120″ tall without the need for obtrusive horizontal mullions due to highly engineered profiles that do not require additional support.

Sills Fit For Any Application & Design

LaCantina offers a variety of sill options which includes our standard weather resistant sill, flush guide sill for smooth floor to floor transitions, and a ADA compliant sill for both interior and exterior applications in even the harshest of environments.