When Should You Replace Interior Doors?

Interior doors are a part of every home and commercial space and they are often overlooked. There is no hard timeline for when you should replace inside doors, but there are some signs it might be time to replace yours.

Inside doors are normally thinner than doors that are used on the exterior of your home. The average width of an interior door is about 1 3/8”. These doors see a lot of wear and tear and do need to be replaced over time.


One of the biggest driving factors in replacing inside doors is aesthetics. Upgrading a space and leaving the old door up makes the space look unfinished. A new door will complete the space.

There is a great range of interior doors to choose from that can complement any style and deliver the perfect aesthetic for your home.

Damaged Doors

A faulty door is a great source of frustration. When a door is not fully functional it should be replaced. Struggling to shut a door is not something you should have to deal with in your own home.

There are many ways a door can be damaged. Remember, interior doors are thinner than exterior doors, making them less sturdy. They can warp from moisture. They can also be damaged through everyday use over time.

Life happens and sometimes mishaps cause door damage. Replacement fixes the problem quickly.

Block Out Noise

Many people upgrade their doors (especially in the bedroom) to keep the noise level down. New interior doors are built with better materials that add a noise dampening quality to the door.

Energy Efficiency

Many homes are outfitted with zone heating systems. A door that allows draft in is not conducive to taking full advantage of the energy savings you could realize. If you feel a draft coming in around your door, it is time to replace the door. Drafts are an indicator that your door is not sitting right in the frame.

A replacement door will shut properly and seal against the draft.

Interior doors can be a great home improvement investment. They will update and upgrade the space, keep the interior noise pollution down and help with energy efficiency. Contact us to learn more about your interior door options and how easy and affordable replacement can be.

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