What Types of Replacement Windows Are Available?

When you know your home needs new windows, you probably groan a little to yourself. After all, this can be a costly type of home improvement and the options are overwhelming. There are all kinds of types of replacement windows and different styles available. Simply choosing the right windows can be pretty stressful, because there’s so much to consider and so much to think about even beyond the cost of making this big change. When you don’t know exactly where to begin, start by learning more about the types of replacement windows that are available and exactly what they will do to improve your home.

What Types of Replacement Windows Should You Consider?

There are multiple types of windows available, but the two that stand out most are aluminum windows and vinyl windows. Vinyl frames provide a wider range of style options. Whether you choose single- or double-hung vinyl windows, you can find then in just about any style you like. In fact, vinyl frames are available in wood lookalike styles. You can choose between smooth or textured finishes. Many homeowners love the wood look that vinyl provides. Wood is not a great material when it comes to choosing between types of replacement windows, because the wood will shrink and expand with weather changes. In time, wood will split and crack. Vinyl, however, is much more durable and withstands weather changes much better. You can still get the look of beautiful wood with none of the hassle associated with this material.

Aluminum windows, like vinyl, are highly durable. Both materials are resistant to scratching and cracking so they provide long-lasting use. Aluminum will corrode and change colors over time, particularly in coastal environments where there is natural salt in the air. This requires more frequent maintenance and touch-ups over time than vinyl. However, aluminum frames are stronger and more durable than vinyl. They’re stronger and more impact-resistant, which makes them the best types of replacement windows if you are in an area known for hurricanes or harsh storm damage. Vinyl windows do requite less maintenance and they are available in a wider range of styles, but aluminum is longer-laster and tougher overall.

Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

In all different window types and window materials, energy efficient options are available. This is actually a huge selling point. Around 30% of a home’s heating energy is ultimately lost through the windows. Energy efficient windows can greatly reduce this, and that adds up to big savings on utility bills. You will actually see a noticeable difference in your bill if you replace older windows with newer, energy efficient types of windows. This is an extremely attractive feature if you’re trying to sell your home. So in any material, no matter which types of replacement windows you choose, consider an energy efficient option. This is an investment that will be returned to you one way or another.

You can look at different window models and styles to compare designs and materials. After all, choosing replacement windows is about much more than material. You also want to find a style that’s going to compliment your home and look nice from the outside as well as on the inside. Take your time selecting the right styles and colors that will best match your house and improve your home’s look. Windows make a big impact. With the right color and style, you can exponentially increase the beauty of your home and show it off to its very best effect. This can be used to impress your family and guests who come to your home. Later, it will also impress home buyers who are seeking out the perfect place to live.

When you’re choosing between different styles and types of replacement windows, consult with a home building expert or a real estate expert who can help you look at your different options and make the best possible decision for your home based on location, weather conditions, styling, and investment return. Take the time to make an informed decision, because the types of replacement windows you choose will have a huge impact for the good or for the bad of your home.

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