What Are the Best Window Materials?

Did you know on average that windows take up about 15% of the wall areas in your home? Of course, windows also can be the catalyst for energy losses. Choosing the right window materials to replace your current windows is critical to the comfort and the aesthetic of your home.

Vinyl replacement windows Orange County homeowners trust deliver the aesthetic, energy efficiency, and comfort that they enjoy. There are several different window types that you can choose from that are made with different window materials. The question is which window materials are best for your home.

Let’s Start Out With What NOT to Choose

Wooden windows are charming on a period home but the fact is wooden windows lack the modern conveniences like low maintenance and energy efficiency that newer more modern materials have to offer like aluminum frames for windows.

Most older homes were designed with wood window frames because that was what was available but today there are better window materials that are available so there is no need to settle for a material that simply does not hold up.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum is one of the best window materials for window frames. Aluminum windows are low maintenance windows. Unlike other window materials, you do not have to do anything to maintain this type of window.

A simple hosing off will clean the window. You do not have to paint it every year or deal with any other maintenance.

Aluminum windows for a home can last for decades without any type of special care. They are durable, look great, are highly functional, and energy saving. In other words, this is the material you want to choose for your new windows.

Replacing Your Windows Can be the Best Thing You do For Your Home

New windows and doors are designed to be energy efficient but that is not all they have to offer. New windows and doors can help to keep the peace in your home. They can reduce the noise from outside sources.

Of course, there is also the aesthetic value. Old windows and doors make your home seem dated. New replacement windows and doors instantly upgrade your curb appeal. The transformation can be incredible.

Learn more about window materials, style options, and how new windows can change how you feel about your home.

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