Warning Signs That You Should Replace Your Windows or Doors

Did you know that nearly 15% of your home’s wall space is likely taken up by windows and doors? While that can be a good thing for letting in some light and breeze, it can also create problems inside your home — especially if you have residential windows and doors that need to be replaced. Here are the warning signs you might need to replace your windows or doors sooner rather than later.


Your windows don’t open and close properly.


Perhaps the most obvious sign that you need new residential windows and doors is if they don’t open and close properly. This can be a problem with windows, as well as both exterior doors and interior doors. The door and window materials used can affect how well they work and how well they withstand the elements.


Wooden doors and windows can swell when there’s more moisture in the air. Vinyl windows can squeak or require pulling or tugging to open. Maybe your locks are broken from wear and tear or age. Some of these problems require a simple fix, like sanding, lubricating tracks, or replacing hardware. However, if the doors and windows are older or the problems persists, it’s time to replace them.


There’s condensation between your window panes.


If you notice condensation between the glass panes of your residential windows, a film or dirt that you can’t remove, or a rainbow effect, the seal has probably gone bad or you have an argon gas leak. Argon gas is used between the panes of glass to help control the temperature of your home. When it leaks, you no longer have that insulation. Your only option is to replace the windows. If you don’t have low-e and argon gas equipped windows, you may want to replace your windows this season.


You feel drafts.


If you notice that it feels cold near the windows or doors in winter (or hot near them in summer), you probably have drafts. This can be caused if the flashing tape, which seals out wind and water, needs to be replaced. Drafts can also be caused by poor or no insulation or by caulk that needs to be replaced. You should use a high quality exterior and interior caulk to seal your windows both inside and out. If you have builder-grade windows and doors, inexpensive ones may have been used or they were installed improperly. These door and window types often need to be replaced.


You have clear glass.


This may sound like a strange one, but if your residential windows are older or inexpensive, they were probably made with clear glass. Clear glass doesn’t deflect any sunlight, heat, or the cold, so your air conditioning and heat will be working overtime. Replacing them with some of the newer models can provide your home with UV protection or even automatic tinting.


If you notice any of these problems with your residential windows or doors, it’s probably time to replace them. You can lower your utility bill, prevent break-ins, reduce outside noise, improve the look of your home, and even increase your home’s value with new windows and doors.

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