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Here’s How Upgrading Your Windows Can Save You Money

Here’s How Upgrading Your Windows Can Save You Money

Upgrading your windows instantly adds more curb appeal and increases the resale value of your home. According to Good Man Project, vinyl windows are an affordable option that offers up to a 75% ROI. Here are several ways upgrading your residential windows can also save you money.

Energy Efficiency

Updated windows will instantly help you save money on energy costs. As windows age, they get drafty. Hot and cold air can escape or enter the house through tiny cracks, resulting in temperature fluctuations that increase energy bills.

More Light

It’s common for homeowners to keep the curtains closed to keep their home at a comfortable temperature. This results in them having to turn on the lights throughout the house. With new residential windows, you can comfortably open the curtains to enjoy natural light and reduce your electric bill.

Less Fading

As the UV rays hit things inside your house, such as curtains and couches, the UV rays slowly cause fading. This results in homeowners replacing specific pieces of furniture or their curtains more often than they should have. Updated windows don’t provide full protection from UV rays, but they can help.

Enhanced Security

New residential windows with double and triple panes are harder to break. Small pullouts on window frames make it impossible for burglars to lift a newer window high enough for them to climb into your home. Break-ins continue to increase nationwide and can be costly for homeowners. New windows help you save money by increasing the security of your home.

Less HVAC Maintenance

When your home is at a comfortable temperature, you’ll notice that your HVAC system is used less. That means less wear and tear so you won’t spend as much on repairs. On top of that, you won’t have to replace your air conditioner or furnace as often, which can be costly.

Less Window Maintenance

Maintaining old windows can be costly and time-consuming. You must start putting caulk around the edges to seal out drafts. Window sills will need new paint yearly. Doing this yourself can require a lot of time and money for materials. Hiring someone can be more expensive. Upgrading your windows can mean that you barely have to do yearly maintenance.

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