Common Myths About Aluminum Windows

Windows are important parts of any house. They provide natural lighting and help with the circulation of fresh air through the house. Aluminum windows became popular due to their light nature, affordability, and durability of the material, but they fell out of use under some strange misconceptions about them. Following are a few common myths you may hear about aluminum windows. Let’s bust these myths and discover the truth.

They Are Not Secure

This myth is based on the fact that they are thin and light and often externally beaded. Though they may look thin and delicate, they are incredibly strong and can hold large glass panes as well as resist both burglars and hurricane debris. Nowadays, you can get them beaded internally if you fear that criminals can remove the beading and access your house.

They Cause Condensation

Condensation occurs due to a number of factors including indoor and outdoor temperature, as well as the amount of humidity in the air among other factors. This shows that condensation can occur with any window material. Modern aluminum windows are made with the latest thermal break technology. They have hollow chambers filled with insulation, and so they can have great energy efficiency as well as u-values similar to other frames.

They Are Only for Commercial Use

This myth comes from the widespread usage of aluminum window frames in commercial buildings for almost three decades. They are favored for commercial buildings due to their aesthetically pleasant slim lines as well as high strength and performance. These same reasons make them ideal for residential dwellings.

They Are Plain and Boring

Most people associate aluminum window frames with the old type that was hard to customize. Nowadays, powder coating can give you a frame in any color you want, making it possible to match your house. There is currently a wide range of design and color options available when you source them from a good supplier.

Aluminum frames are a great option for both the windows and doors of any building whether big or small. Since about 30% of a home’s heating energy gets lost through the windows, it is important to consider modern designs that help with energy efficiency in your home. You can get great quality and unbeatable aesthetics when you work with the right people, so do some research and then go for the best option.

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