5 Signs It’s Time For New Windows

One of the most important aspects of your home is the durability of your windows and doors. It is estimated that at least 15% of the walls in your home are made up of windows. Old or compromised windows and doors could cause leaks, high energy bills, and lower property value. Additional signs may be excessive outdoor noise, such as road noise, or if you feel a significant draft through your windows, indicating worn out seals.

Replacement windows and doors can also lower your energy bill, as it allows you to keep your home at your desired temperature. This prevents your HVAC systems from overworking themselves and creates a more efficient home.

Windows Are Drafty

Feeling a draft coming through your window is one the most notable signs that your windows may need to be replaced. Drafty windows can cause you to feel cold and prevent your home from being energy efficient and cost effective. Surprisingly, a drafty window can actually significantly affect the overall temperature of your home, further highlighting the importance of window replacement.

Outside Noise Is Highly Audible

Another important sign that it may be time to replace your windows is that you may hear vehicles and other noises outside almost as clear as if the window was open. This could be a sign of a broken or compromised seal, and replacement windows would be recommended. Old and noisy windows can significantly reduce the overall comfort of your home, as your home will rarely be completely silent. This could also be caused by older single pane windows, as newer double paned glass would significantly block noises coming from outside.

Window Condensation

Condensation buildup is also an important sign it may be time to get new windows. This is especially prevalent in double paned glass, as condensation between the two panes could either mean the seals have failed or were not installed correctly by the manufacturer or installer. Compromised seals could also lead to leaks, drafts, and other issues caused by old windows.

Energy Bills Are Higher Than Usual

If you are suddenly receiving higher than usual energy bills, this could be related to insufficient or older windows letting either hot or cold air out of the home. This could potentially cost you thousands if new windows are not installed promptly. Furthermore, you have the potential to increase your carbon footprint due to your HVAC systems either constantly running or running inefficiently.

Window Panes Are Cracked

Cracked window frames are another obvious sign that your windows may need to be replaced. Cracked panes could be the cause of drafts, noise, and condensation, as they have lost most of their integrity. Cracked panes can also have a negative aesthetic factor, as your home may look older or not sufficiently maintained.

It is important to inspect your residential windows and ensure that they are all intact. Old, single paned glass can cause higher energy bills and hinder the look of your home. Although they may initially seem expensive, replacing your windows will deliver you a significant return on investment when either selling your home, or on your monthly energy bill.

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