4 Signs That Your Windows Need Replacing

We don’t think often about replacing our windows. We may replace our roofs or even our floors, and certainly our furniture, but we don’t often replace our windows. But the reality is that residential windows do not last forever, and eventually all of them need to be updated. The fact is that if you don’t buy replacement windows in a timely manner, your home will experience a variety of different negative effects. Additionally, if you attempt to sell a house with damaged or outdated windows, you will inevitably see that reflected in a reduced value.

At the same time, many of us don’t know when our windows are ready to be replaced. The last thing you want is to replace your windows before it’s time. The typical lifespan of the average window types is 15 to 20 years, but if your home is older than that time range, you may very well not have an idea of how old your windows are in the first place. With that in mind, let’s look through some of the ways that you can determine whether or not it’s time for window replacements.

1. You’re Wasting Money on Energy

Are your energy bills higher than they used to be? This could be a sign that it’s time for you to consider replacement windows. Higher energy bills are often indicative of hot or cold air escaping your home, and your HVAC system working overtime to compensate for that. The question is how this air is escaping your home, and it’s often through windows and doors.

There could be several issues at play. The problem could be damage or simple wear and tear causing gaps within the windows. The window types themselves could also be outdated and more prone to draftiness than more updated types of windows. Either way, it will probably be less expensive for you to invest in replacement windows, as opposed to allowing these inadequate windows to remain as they are.

2. Rot

Depending on the types of window materials you’re dealing with, your window frames may be more prone to rot. Obviously, wooden window frames will be particularly prone to this kind of damage, even if the glass windowpanes themselves are undamaged. Although these types of issues can sometimes be repaired without requiring entire window replacements if they’re caught early enough, quite often a full replacement is indeed necessary.

The reason why windows begin to rot is often that they’ve sustained water damage. Therefore, homeowners in more humid or wet areas should pay attention to their windows in particular. Wooden window frames can also be affected by bugs, especially termites. Though rot will eventually become visible, homeowners may want to do general inspections of their windows every few months. Rot will also become apparent through softness in the frames as well.

3. Cracked Panes

Keep in mind that one of the main reasons why homes begin to lose value is aesthetic damage. You may be satisfied with a single cracked windowpane here and therefore. But if you plan on selling your home, you’ll need to invest in replacement windows anyway if the windowpanes are cracked.

The issues with cracked windowpanes go beyond the aesthetic problems. Cracked windowpanes also present issues related to energy usage and even security. The last thing you want is for your home to be more vulnerable to potential intruders because you ignored damage to your windows.

4. Condensation

If condensation is building up between the layers of glass in your windowpanes, this is a sign that your windows need to be replaced. The condensation is likely occurring because there is damage to the glass that may not be apparent to your naked eye.

Unless your windows are brand new, if the windowpanes are damaged you should probably replace the windows in general. Usually, damage has been done to the windowpanes the frames are at a point where they need to be replaced as well.

These types of issues should be considered as you prepare to evaluate your windows and determine whether or not they need to be replaced. Replacing your windows may be irritating, but remember: this is an investment in your home’s long term future.

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