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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Patio Doors

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Patio Doors

There’s nothing like going outside and enjoying time on your patio or deck. Sometimes, you simply want to catch a breeze or enjoy the sunlight shining through those patio doors. Quality patio doors can add to any home, however, they can become worn down like any other feature. Here are signs you should start looking for a new patio door.

1. Efficiency

According to the U. S. Department of Energy, Americans can pay as much as 10% more on energy bills due to air leaks from windows and doors. If your electrical bills have been rising lately, your patio doors may be the culprit, especially if they’re not sealed properly. Be mindful of how your home feels when the doors are supposed to be closed. Stand next to a closed patio door and see if you feel any drafts coming through.

2. Style

Maybe your existing patio doors no longer match the style of your home. If you’ve been doing some home renovations, you shouldn’t hesitate to upgrade to a new patio door along with that. There are so many different styles to consider, whether it’s a sliding, folding, or accordion style. When it’s time for a new patio door, be mindful of size, material, and weather resistance.

3. Misalignment

Has your patio door become harder to open and close? You may have a misalignment issue on your hands. If your patio door is on a slider mechanism, the roller may have become misaligned. When you can’t completely shut or open your door, it can lead to air leaks and become a security issue.

4. Value

Certain things are a must in any home. Regardless of the extra features you may have, a quality home needs solid windows and doors. After all, these are the openings to the outside world. They also add to your home style and security. When appraisers and potential home buyers look at your home, rest assured they notice all your doors, whether they’re internal or external. When you upgrade to a new patio door of the latest style, thermal capabilities, and additional security, you can increase your home value and enjoy more equity.

If your patio doors have long been an eyesore, increasing electrical bills, and simply no longer fit your home design, it’s time to change that. Luckily, our company has been around for years and has a vast portfolio of door and window designs. Contact Discount Window and Door today to find the ones perfect for your home.

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