4 Benefits Of Buying Aluminum Windows

So you need to replace your windows. There are a lot of reasons why you may have come to this decision, and not all of them have to do with your windows becoming suddenly damaged. Window damage can build up over time, and for that matter can be the result of windows being improperly installed, or the wrong window types being used for the wrong purpose. Not all types of windows are right for residential purposes, remember. Another reason why you may be considering new windows is that your energy bills are higher than you might like them to be. One of the best ways to save money on windows is to simply install new ones that are better fitted and more energy efficient than your previous windows. Now, if you’re considering new windows, you should certainly think about windows with aluminum frames for a number of different reasons. But if you haven’t used aluminum windows before, those reasons may not come to you immediately. Let’s look into the benefits of aluminum windows, and why all homeowners should consider them.

1. Lasting Power

When you really think about it, windows take quite a beating. We depend on windows to protect us from the cold and the rain, and it’s no wonder that some materials end up breaking down more quickly than others. It’s key that you own windows that are suitable for a variety of different types of weather, not only to keep you safe but to ensure that you don’t switch out your windows prematurely. This is why windows with aluminum frames are so appealing. Aluminum is quite durable, certainly more durable than wood and other materials. It can stand up to the elements for years, and even decades. Not only does this save you time and energy; over the years, it will also save you money that you would otherwise spend on prematurely replacing your windows.

2. Design Variety

Certain types of materials used to create windows just aren’t right for all types of windows. Therefore, you might not be able to commission windows made of the same material, from the same company, for all of the windows in your home if there are different window styles throughout the house. This is not only inconvenient but often costly, causing you to spend more as your source different types of windows made of different materials. This is why a lot of people choose to have their windows made with aluminum frames. Aluminum is flexible, and therefore can be shaped to accommodate a variety of different designs. For that matter, this metal is also strong, despite its flexibility. It can therefore accommodate large panes of glass as well.

3. They’re Easy To Clean

Dirty windows can quickly go from annoying to unsightly. It’s all too easy for dust and dirt to cake on window frames, even if you’re able to keep the glass window panes clean. You’ll quickly notice that on wooden frames, dust can actually smudge deeply and become incredibly difficult to remove, resulting in you taking hours to clean your windows. Aluminum frames are much easier to keep clean in this sense, requiring little more than a quick wipe down.

4. Cost Efficiency

The pricing for windows with aluminum frames is usually fairly competitive, keeping them within budget for a lot of different homeowners. But the cost efficiency of these windows really kicks in when you have them over time. Aluminum windows help lower your energy bills, which is where windows tend to become more expensive without a lot of homeowners even realizing it. It’s estimated by some that heat gain and loss through windows are responsible for about 25% to 30% of all residential heating and cooling energy usage, which of course means that windows have a lot to do with your energy bills running up. Aluminum windows actually come with a thermal break, which essentially reduces or prevents thermal energy from flowing from one conductive material to another. This enables aluminum windows to hold in or trap heat much better than windows made from other materials.

There are so many reasons why aluminum windows are superior; these are just a few. But they must be considered by those who are shopping for new windows.

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