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Why You Should Replace Your Windows When Moving Into an Older Home

Why You Should Replace Your Windows When Moving Into an Older Home

Homes need constant maintenance to upkeep that nice, clean, safe, and homey feeling.

Everything from the carpets to the cabinets—all these things have an expiration date. The windows in a home are no exception. Replacement windows are necessary when modernizing your space. But putting looks aside, replacing the windows in an older house is also a safety precaution.

If you’ve recently purchased a home, read on to learn the importance of replacing your windows and why you should do it as soon as you move in.

Replacement windows will make your home more energy efficient

One of the biggest drawbacks about purchasing an older home is that they usually are not energy efficient. They are either insulated poorly or have older windows that can let in a draft. Since 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through the windows, you may want to upgrade and swap those old windows for some energy efficient ones. Energy efficient windows will save you money on your heating and air conditioning bill, but will also ensure you’re comfortable during those severe bouts of weather.

These windows are long lasting, and will pay for themselves in no time at all.

Replacement windows are newer and safer

Older windows can be a safety hazard.

This is especially true of windows installed in bathrooms. They are prone to mold and rot from the long term exposure of moisture. These should be the first to go. Though mold is typically not lethal, it can significantly damage your health. Exposure to mold can aggravate asthma, worsen other breathing issues, and cause skin irritation.

Older window panes may also contain traces of lead, which is also toxic even in small doses.

Replacement windows will upgrade the resale value of your home

Planning for the future is so important. You may think you’ve found your forever home, however keeping your home in great shape improves your odds at selling it for a great value down the line.

Types of replacement windows

So you’ve decided to replace your windows. Now what?

Selecting the best kind of replacement windows for your home can be an enjoyable process. To narrow it down, here are a few popular styles for you to choose from.

    • sliding windows
    • aluminum windows
    • single hung windows
    • fiberglass windows
    • vinyl windows

These are just a few styles and materials you can select based off of the look and feel of the exterior and interior of the house.


Maintaining your homes involves constant upkeep of its appliances and features.

The windows in particular—need to be replaced when you move into an older home right away. Replacement windows upgrade the value of your home, but also save you money and energy. Not replacing older windows can in fact compromise your wellbeing. Mold, rot, and leftover lead paint can cause minor to severe health issues such as asthma and skin rashes.

So then, the choice is clear.

If you’ve moved into an older home, make replacing the windows a priority. When there are so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find a style that suits you and your home.

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