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Replacing Your Exterior Doors: Improvements Beyond Energy Efficiency

Replacing Your Exterior Doors: Improvements Beyond Energy Efficiency

Doors and windows can have air leaks that add up to 10% more to your energy bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. But the exterior doors on your home can dramatically affect many different conditions in your home besides energy efficiency.

How often do you use exterior doors such as side doors, the front door, and garage entry doors? It stands to reason you may use some doors more than others. Your front door, whether you use it or not, makes a statement when it comes to your home’s curb appeal too. The same holds true for other exterior doors — yet they hold a much smaller impact on the overall aesthetics. However, when it comes to energy efficiency, all exterior doors matter. This is also true for front doors that have a leading staircase or foyer directly behind them. An old door could be causing you to waste money and raise your heating and cooling bills.

Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Exterior Doors?

Take a critical view of your exterior doors. If you find rust and dings in your door, it shows that the structural integrity has been compromised. When you have damaged doors on the exterior of your home, it does not look very attractive. When you want to ensure that your home has doors that are both sturdy and attractive, you need to get them from a company that specializes in replacement windows and doors.

Does Opening Your Door Feel Like a Workout?

Older doors can become difficult to use. When your doors get to this point, it’s time to have them replaced. Perhaps they stick during the winter but they’re easy to operate during the summer. If your doors are already like this, that is a sign that the energy your home needs is rushing right out that door. Are the hinges starting to sink? That’s another problem. If the hinges stick to a door jam, the door more than likely has exposed areas along the top, bottom, or the sides where light can be seen. When you can see light from either the outside or inside when a door is shut, there is a definite problem. Use a lighter near the edges where you see light and pay good attention to the flame. If it tries to move outside the door, you are dealing with a leaky door that is letting air out and in. Leaky doors need to be replaced so you aren’t spending more money on energy bills than you need to spend.

Is Your Home the Perfect Target for a Burglar?

Incarcerated burglars have admitted that they typically targeted homes with wooden doors that were cheap. That type of door is extremely easy to kick in. Do you have a wooden front door or exterior doors? If so, you may want to consider replacing them for the safety of your family. New fiberglass and steel doors add an additional layer of protection and are ideally tamper-proof.

Refresh the Curb Appeal of Your Home with New Exterior Doors

Doors that are in poor shape can cause you to waste energy, which translates to lost money. An older door might also make your home the perfect target for a home invasion, which can cost you even more. But if you plan to put your home on the market, an older door can result in money issues, too. Understandably, buyers aren’t too eager to pay top dollar for a property that looks like it’s in rough shape.

Make sure your home looks good from every angle while also keeping it safe with new windows and doors for the exterior. This will greatly improve your curb appeal. There are many different door and window types that can refresh your home without forcing you to plan a major remodeling project. Change old doors for new contemporary styles in colors that will enhance the overall look of your home. Give your residence a makeover — whether you replace your front door, side doors or all doors. Your home will get a new look with just a simple change.

Of course, replacing your exterior doors can make your home far more energy efficient. But it can also save you money in the process and make you feel even more satisfied with your surroundings. For more information, please contact us today.

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