4 Benefits of Installing Vinyl Windows for Your Home

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If you’re exploring new window options for your home, vinyl is a great choice among the different window materials available on the market. This option will have many positive impacts on you and your home! Read on to understand how this window type increases home value, regulates energy, requires low maintenance, and improves the design of your home!

1. Increases Home Value

After installing vinyl windows, your home’s value will increase. Despite this window type being cheaper than other styles available, vinyl windows will give you a return on investment of 75%, according to The Good Men Project. With an ROI this high, you can be confident that you’ll make a good profit if you sell your home in the future.

2. Energy Efficient

The window materials incorporated into vinyl windows contribute to their energy efficiency. Unlike other window types, which may transfer heat, vinyl windows regulate temperature effectively in both cold and warm months. This successful regulation is due to components like low-E coating, collective glass panes, and sufficient insulation. After installing vinyl windows in your home, your energy bill will likely decrease significantly.

3. Low Maintenance

The style of vinyl windows makes maintenance a breeze for many homeowners. This window type is available with swing-in sash and tilt features. With these features, you can easily clean the interior and exterior of the windows from the inside. This convenience will eliminate the need to get on a ladder or hire a window-cleaning service. Additionally, the insulation that is a part of this window type will assist with keeping them clean and prevent seals from rotting.

4. Improves Home Design

When choosing the specific vinyl window to install in your home, you’ll soon discover that the home design opportunities are endless! This window type comes with many different color options. Some of the most popular color choices for vinyl windows include brown, white, and cream. Additionally, vinyl windows can come with different textures and designs. These various choices make personalization easy. The most important thing to ensure is that the style chosen complements the rest of your home well and creates a cohesive design.

After reviewing these benefits above, you can now understand why vinyl windows are a smart choice for your home! This option will provide many positive effects immediately and for years to come! Call the Discount Window and Door to get started on your window installation project today!

Single vs Double Pane Windows: Everything to Know

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According to Energy Star, replacing single-pane windows with double pane can help you save between 21% and 31% on your heating and cooling costs. The right windows and doors can not only help you lower your energy bills, but they can also help boost your home’s curb appeal. Let’s take a closer look at everything that you need to know about single vs double-pane windows.

There Is a Cost Difference

It makes sense that double-pane windows and doors cost more money. If you are operating on a budget, single-pane windows may be a better choice. Although there is a difference in price between the two, there are benefits to paying more for double-pane. It all depends on what the needs are budget are for your home renovation.

Single Pane Windows Are Usually Adequate in Temperate Climates

Many people like to leave their windows open throughout most of the year, especially those who live in areas with temperate climates. Areas with extremely hot or cold temperatures are where double-paned windows make the most sense. If you want to keep your energy bills low while enjoying a comfortable atmosphere in your home, then it’s worth switching over to double-pane. Your contractor can help you review the available choices and determine which type will work best for your home and lifestyle. Single-pane windows can often do a great job depending on your needs.

Double Pane Windows Are Better for Blocking Out Noise

Anyone who lives in a busy area can describe just how distracting noise can be. If you’re inside your home, you want peace and quiet, not the sounds of traffic or loud noise. When noise is a concern, double-pane windows are an effective solution. Depending on where your home is located and how sensitive you are to noise pollution, single-pane windows may not be adequate for your needs.

Are you ready to upgrade your home’s windows or doors? Our team at Discount Window and Door is here to help you pick out the right option that best fits your needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s appearance or lower energy costs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn about our selection.

How to Know Which Type of Windows Are Right for Your Home

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If you are searching for new windows, there are a variety of factors you will need to consider to ensure you make the right decision! Due to windows taking up about 15% of your wall space, according to Penn State, they need the right style and quality to guarantee your home is functional and visually pleasing. Read on to consider the purposes, design styles, and glass technology options before making big decisions about windows in your home!

Consider the Windows’ Purpose in Your Home

The window’s purpose in your home is primarily dependent on its location. While letting in light plays a critical role in windows, they can also be used to bring ventilation into your home’s space or to increase the visibility of the views outside your home. Homeowners typically want added windows for ventilation in the kitchen or living room space. Additionally, windows for displaying picturesque views outside are typically located in popular living spaces and bedrooms.

Consider the Design Styles of the Windows

When considering installing new windows in your home, a key factor is the design style! This design style includes the shape of the windows and their operations. While there are various design styles to choose from, specific ones are most popular due to their visually pleasing appearance and functionality. Examples of popular design styles include casements, awnings, sliders, and double-hung windows. The best option for your home depends on where the window installation is and your preferences in appearance!

Consider the Appropriate Glass Technology

When choosing the appropriate glass technology for your windows, it is essential to consider your location and climate. For example, if you live in colder climates, you may want to look into buying windows with double or triple-pane glass. The amount of window panes will assist with temperature regulation and increased insulation. Additionally, the double and triple-pane glass can help with noise reduction. Examine if these factors are vital for you. Another glass technology feature to consider, no matter the weather conditions of your location, is impact-resistance glass! This technology with window glass ensures no cracks and fractures will happen throughout its lifespan.

New windows are the perfect opportunity to elevate the design and functionality of your home. After reviewing the window’s purpose, the design styles, and the glass technology, hopefully, you can get clarity on which direction you will go. Call Discount Window and Door today to start your window project today!